Madame Directrice – Godess of your emptiness!


Bundesland / KantonNordrhein-Westfalen

Bleed – and I will fill your soul…
…with all oppressions of this world!

All the glory I deserve.
I am supreme!

Indignities – your credit is falling…
I offer fantasy also I am real!

And you, you are the zero of the world…
…totally controlled by me!

Spend all you’ve got to me…
all of your money only loves me, because I am me!
I am the blood that eats your gifts…
your nemesis close behind.

Just like a snake I’m attacking,
thru my world divine!
And like the cat I’m stalking
I’ll take your soul and you’ll
be mine…

…to bring you your emptiness!

Bow to me faithfully!
Bow to me adoringly!

Spend all you’ ve got only to me!